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About Amsterdam, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, but unlike other capital cities, it is not the centre of government, parliament or court, which are all located in the Hague. The city sits between two bodies of water - the IJ lake and the Amstel river - and as expected, its first industries were built on fishing and water resources.

Many of Amsterdam's places of interest are built around its close relationship to the water. Waterfront venues, 'floating' hotels, fresh fish markets, and boating are all trademark Amsterdam spots.

Amsterdam takes pride in being the birthplace of Holocaust diarist Anne Frank and 17th century painter Rembrandt. Museums detailing their lives and accomplishments are a major tourist attraction, and they have inspired the establishment of several other art and historical museums.

What to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has something to please any tourist, from the adventurous to the culture buff. First-time visitors can join one of the many sightseeing tours offered year-round in the city.

Tghe city of Amsterdam city Tours offers group and private tours and takes tourists around Amsterdam's major historical spots, with a tour guide explaining Amsterdam's colourful history along the way. There are also bike and boat tours, which will take you around the city's waterways and canals.

Sports enthusiasts regularly gather at the Tara, a large Irish-style pub, to meet friends, share drinks, and catch a football game on the bar's public TV. The Akhnaton is the place to be for music lovers, with performances in every imaginable genre staged every night. For a more relaxed environment, try one of the cafes in the inner city. Cafeine, and Italian espresso bar, offers a choice selection of real Italian coffees and wines, which you can enjoy while reading or listening to relaxing jazz music in the lounge.

Tourist Attractions

At first glance, Amsterdam may seem a little off-center - because it is. Many of the buildings in this city are tilted or lean forward, because of the soft riverbank ground it sits on. There is a leaning structure on almost every block, and the protruding Thai Ten Cafe is particularly famous.

Amsterdam is home to many outstanding museums, the most notable of which is the Van Gogh Museum, the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. For a different mood, take a moving historical journey at the Anne Frank Museum, where you can learn about the plight of young Anne Frank and her family as the Nazis swept her city.

The historic city centre has several old churches worth seeing. Oude Kerk, the oldest, dates back to 1306 and is famous for its tall towers and beautiful stained-glass windows, while Portugese-Israelite Synagogue stands out with its austere architectural style and grand wooden pillars. Other interesting churches include the Nieuwe Kerk, Sint Olofskapel, and the Westerkerk.

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